Backyard Landscaping & Fence

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

With Operation Curb Appeal coming to a close for the moment while we wait on the lawn to recover, the plants to fill in, and adding finishing touches, we moved our effort around the house to start work on the backyard.

When we moved in three years ago, we had an invisible fence installed and it works fantastic to keep the dogs confined.  However, with 2 two-year-olds in the house nowadays, we are in need of a place for them to play and burn energy without having free range of the neighbors yards and access to the streets.  Trying to corral three little ones with the baby starting to crawl and the two-year-olds being.... two-year-olds, is a bit exhausting to say the least and results in more managing and "No's" then actual play time.

While we waited for our backordered fence to arrive, we discussed the possibility of hiring a landscaper to do something about the grade of our backyard.  It's a hot mess of slopes, ya'll.  Our kids literally go sledding in our backyard during snowstorms.  Apparently, though, if you aren't planning to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a backyard retreat our nearby landscapers aren't all that interested in helping.

So guess who is now super sick of dirt?!?  THIS GIRL!  If I never have to hold a shovel again that would be perfectly fine with me.  Remind me of that if I get the gardening itch anytime in the near future....

Using over 18 yards of fill dirt and topsoil (seriously, 4 dump trucks) we filled in the lower spots at the bottom of the yard and also changed the main slope grade and location (thereby extending the flat area at the top of the yard by about 10-feet) by wrestling a bunch of big rocks into place to create a natural retaining wall of sorts.

We had great luck with the germination blankets in the front yard, so fingers are crossed that the grass grows as well and quickly here.  In the meantime, though, it's pretty funny to watch the littles try to walk over the netting... the younger two-year-old can't take two steps without tripping!  But those rocks are just too irresistible... climbing them is definitely the munchkins' favorite part of the makeover.

You can also see that the landscaping overlapped with the arrival of our fence.  The fence went in over the course of a week with some help from friends and we ended up finishing the fence and the landscaping on the same day!

We were all pleasantly surprised to find that the yard feels so much larger now that we have a clear boundary and the additional usable flat space.  The whole thing is still in its ugly phase, but there is some grass poking through the seed blanket so I have hope for its eventual recovery.  In the meantime, it is certainly more functional than it was just a few weeks ago and so amazing to be able to open the back door and just let the munchkins run wild.

And with that, we are excited to conclude our outdoor projects for the time being and are looking forward to enjoying them with the family this summer!

Happy summertime!


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