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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

While up to my knees and elbows in dirt and landscaping, my favorite blogger, Ashley over at Domestic Imperfection, came up with a Try Something New challenge.  Seriously this lady was my biggest inspiration for creating my own blog, I've been following her since we both had half as many children as we do today, and somehow I have never tried one of her projects!  I'm not even sure how that happened.

So to make up for this colossal oversight, I decided that it was high time I joined in and got on board with her for this challenge.  I was actually really excited about the prospect of having a small, fun project to jump into after all the weeks of ongoing labor-intensive projects we've been committed to... and don't worry, I'll be back soon to finish sharing the outdoor progress!

Ashley's first challenge was macrame.  I have to admit, I had no idea this stuff was back in fashion, but when I started poking around Pinterest for some idea of how in the world I was going to get involved, I quickly realized that I loved the modern uses for this vintage craft and found several things that I am really excited to try.
I instantly fell in love with these macrame lights and thought something like this would be perfect for the entry way, which is still just as plain as the day I last posted about it.  Now that we have a stellar entry on the outside of the house, the inside of the entryway has jumped way up on my priority list.  But naturally, this would be a huge undertaking for a newbie like me and since I waited until the night before the challenge 'deadline' I had to keep poking for something more manageable.  I have a feeling I'll be back to this light idea in the future, though.

The idea I settled on was creating a fishnet-like weave around a bottle.  Except that nothing is ever simple and I didn't have a cool bottle laying around... one of these days I might become a wine drinker just so I can collect cool bottles!  I did have this large plastic jar in my stash, however (in a previous life it was a cheese ball tub) which I thought would be pretty perfect and needed a home anyway.  Bonus! - because it's plastic I won't have to worry about any of the littles getting ahold of it and breaking it like they did my 5-gallon antique glass milk jug!

I also didn't have any twine on hand, so I further substituted with a thick yarn and went with it.  Embrace the Crazy Life and keep moving.  Substitutions are the name of the game around here (except when it comes to baking soda and baking powder... Once was enough for that!)

The older munchkins thought Mom had gone a little nuts as I sat at the kitchen table cutting string and tying knots around this container, but once I finished up they all oohhed and ahhhed over it so I guess I avoided the loony bin for yet another day.

I followed this tutorial and was able to complete the whole thing in about an hour and a half.  Because of my previous disappointment with wrapping bottles in twine (which is totally my only reason... it had nothing to do with the fact that it was late the night before the challenge day and hubby had already gone to bed before me), I chose not to wrap the bottom or the mouth of the container as the tutorial showed.  The indentation on the bottom worked out well for using the alternative method of tying off the strands without worrying about it sitting on the knots.

It's obviously very plain, but soon it's going to become the vase for a very colorful display I've had in mind, so the plainness is going to work just fine.  Once the landscaping is done, I'll be back to show you how it turns out!  And maybe to revisit that chandelier idea...

Lesson of the day: Don't be afraid to try something new or to substitute what you have on hand for recommended supplies!  Even if it doesn't turn out as epic or shiny as the pinterest version, just embrace it's uniqueness and call it character!  

If you have done any macrame projects of your own, please share them with me and Ashley!  Also, be sure to follow her blog for details on the next Try Something New challenge!

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  1. Tiffany! Thank you so much for participating in the challenge and for the very kind introduction! So far you are the only participant (oh my gosh Adam might win our bet), which makes you my favorite reader. I love that you improvised and just used what you had on hand...that’s what it’s all about. Also, I was finishing my project the night before my deadline too, after my kids and husband had gone to bed. That’s pretty much the only time I get anything accomplished. You understand.


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