Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Hello blogging world!  The month of December was especially crazy around here (as most homes probably are around the holidays!) and blogging took a serious backseat to life.

But that's ok.  It's officially a new year and as everybody knows, this is the perfect time for fresh starts and new goals!  While I haven't clearly defined any NY Resolutions or anything so serious, I do hope that with the present buying/wrapping, baking, entertaining, and lack of school schedules behind me for a while, I can get back to a blogging schedule somewhere in the range of once a week month blue moon when I can find the time and energy.

In addition to blogging on schedule, I have a few projects in the works that I am excited to share in the coming weeks (and a few old projects that still need posting, too!).  The new year is also a time to reflect on the past and to examine how far we have come - and for me, a big part of this new year is going to be trying to gather our family's memories into a manageable system (or a few manageable systems) so that we can, in fact, reflect on the good times easily.  Organization, function, pretty containers and awesome memories.  That's my "big goal" for the year so you will be seeing quite a few projects that fit that category - including a reusable keepsake calendar, simple ideas for bullet journals, and photo displays.

Anyways, onto the fun stuff: our family holiday pictures!

Hope your Holidays were Merry & Bright!
~Love Our Crazy Family of 8

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