Planning a Themed Bedroom: A Shopkins Bedroom Part I

Monday, November 7, 2016

I am the mother of a Shopkins addict expert.  If you aren't familiar with Shopkins, they are small figures that essentially work like a trading card game.  You collect them, trade them, stare at them, arrange them, buy more packs of random figures in attempt to find the ones you are missing, memorize their names/season/color options, display them, and compare how many you have with other collectors.  They are actually really cute and have sweet punny names like Mandy Mousse, Cheeky Cherry, and Kooky Cookie.

Shopkins obsession inspires a themed bedroom

For real, my daughter is truly obsessed.  She knows every Shopkin from every season (there are currently 6 seasons and approximately 150 in each season, plus the exclusives - which are the ones that come with the playsets, dolls, and other merchandise).  She knows which ones she has, which ones her friends have, and which ones her favorite Youtubers have.  She has asked for Shopkins for every birthday and Christmas for over two years now, watches all the Youtube videos, knows when and where the swap events are, and does chores to get more money for buying more Shopkins.

In addition to over 700 Shopkins figures, she also has a collection of tshirts, books, pillows, lip gloss, purses, stickers, posters, and even wanted a Shopkins costume for Halloween this year.
Shopkins obsession inspires a themed bedroom

So, you can imagine my extreme surprise when she told me she wanted to decorate her bedroom with a Shopkins theme this past summer.


She had a few pieces of inspiration that she wanted to design the room around, including a Loft Bed, a bookcase playhouse/display case for her Shopkins, and last but not least, she wanted everything to be decorated in Shopkins colors (specifically pink, green, blue, and purple).

The plan

The room she was moving into (her older brother's room) already had a green accent wall (the right green no less).  She went back and forth over whether or not she wanted the wall to remain green or if she would rather repaint it blue, but I finally offered the solution to paint her dresser blue and leave the wall green.  She agreed, so lucky for me there was no painting of the walls involved in her bedroom project!

Shopkins obsession inspires a themed bedroom

It left me a bit apprehensive of what our results would be, though, having all of those vibrant colors combined.  If I'm being honest, I was nearly terrified of how eclectic the room might turn out.  I mentally prepared myself to keep the door shut and spend as little time in there as possible.

Our plan for the bedroom consists of five projects that we'll be sharing over the next couple of weeks, so please check back to see her room come together!

Part II - DIY Purple Loft Bed
Part III - Same Dresser, Different Makeover
Part IV - DIY Benches & Table for Loft Bed
Part V - DIY Bench Cushions
Part VI - Play & Display Bookcase

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