DIY Purple Loft Bed: A Shopkins Bedroom Part II

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

This is our second post in the Shopkins Bedroom Series, you can see the previous post here.

One of the initial inspirations for Alli's Shopkins bedroom was a loft bed that we had been drooling over for nearly a year.  At the time, my girls were sharing a bedroom, and while it was large, they had too many ideas and not enough space.  This bed had the potential for them to integrate a hangout space into their room without displacing the toys that she wasn't quite ready to part with.  The only problem with this bed was the price tag... as in $800 was a big fat nope.

When it came time to actually start working on furniture and decor, we were separating the girls into their own bedrooms, which gave them more flexibility.  Even so, Alli still wanted the loft bed with a table and seating underneath.  We started researching and I was disappointed to find out that even cheap loft beds are near $200!  This is why we DIY, folks.

Good ol' Pinterest turned up two results that got us moving.  The first was another purchasable option in the same price range as the original source (still nope) but with a much more DIY look, and the second was our winner winner chicken dinner.

Building Plans & Process

The plans we found for a DIY loft bed was designed, along with a table underneath to be used as a "work space", for Lego's and included storage plans and stools for seating.  The plans are really well laid out, and was exactly the kind of thing we were looking for.  I even liked it better than our original choice because the ladder was on the end instead of taking up real estate in front of the bed.

Unfortunately, I didn't take a lot of pictures of the process because this was mostly hubby's baby and I was busy with other tasks while he was hard at work on this bed.  Also, it went together so much faster than I expected that I missed all of my opportunities!  Thankfully, you can read the original plans here and here.

A Purple Loft Bed for a Shopkins themed bedroom.

My Three Cents On Furniture Projects

1) Do your research before you begin a project!
Make sure that you read through an entire blog post/woodworking plan/etc. and the comments before beginning a furniture project.  I even go so far as to read a couple of similar (but different) plans for the same type of furniture because sometimes other people have a better/easier/cheaper/quicker idea for how to accomplish the same thing!

2) Paint the wood after it is cut to size and before you assemble! 
Over the last few years, as we have gained some experience building our own furniture, we have developed some processes that work really well for us.  One of these is that we cut the boards to size, paint them, assemble and then do final touch-ups on the paint.  By painting the project before it is assembled, we save ourselves a huge amount of time and trouble.  Not only can we lay the boards out on flat ground and roll them pretty quickly, we also avoid painting cracks and small spaces.  In the case of our loft bed, it allowed us to assemble it in her bedroom without having to worry about covering the carpet to paint.

3) Always do the optional step.
Don't cut quality or strength corners when building furniture.  If you are considering whether to add extra screws, an additional support piece of wood, another coat of paint, or anything else... just do it!  The original poster suggested that the bed be mounted to the wall to provide extra stability and prevent any wobble.  Our bed had so little wobble, but we opted to mount it anyway since it's a simple thing to do and now this thing is one of the most sturdy pieces of furniture in our home.

Finished Results

I am in awe of how quickly and beautifully this went together.  It took us a grand total of three days to put this thing together!  Day one to shop, cut and paint.  Day two & three to assemble and touch-up paint.  We praised ourselves on how far we have come in our furniture building skills, although I really give him all the credit for this.  Not so long ago AJ and I spent two days to build a simple twin bed frame.  Andrew is definitely faster and better skilled than I am!

Check back next week for more on building the benches and table!

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