DIY Benches & Table for Loft Bed: A Shopkins Bedroom Part IV

Monday, November 14, 2016

This is our fourth post in the Shopkins themed bedroom series.  To start at the beginning, click here.

The benches and table to go with Alli's loft bed were a bit modification, a bit engineered, and a bit made up as we went.  You will remember that we used these plans for the loft bed, and there were plans included for the table underneath as well.  Since Alli really wanted benches to allow for a lounging option, which was the design of our original inspiration, we needed to make some size modifications to the table in order to allow enough space.  We also didn't want a free standing table because we were concerned that it would be too difficult to get in and out of the benches with table legs in the way.

When we were looking for DIY plans, we had also stumbled across another design that we gleaned some clues from.

We started with designing the benches so that we would know how wide to make the table surface.  We measured our dining room chairs for depth (17") and height ( 17.5"), so it was decided that we make it slightly deeper and slightly shorter to allow for both a seat pad and a back cushion and still get the same end result.

Using the measurements of 42"L, 18"D, and 17"H we made a cut list for the benches.

Cut List

For TWO benches and table:
A) 8 - 2x4 cut @ 15.5" (Bench Legs)
B) 4 - 2x4 cut @ 15" (bench side support)
C) 4 - 2x4 cut @ 35" (bench front and back support)
D) 6 - 2x6 cut @ 42" (bench seat)
E) 1 - 36"x42" sheet of 1/2" plywood (table top) - you could easily use a thicker piece of plywood here.  Just remember to adjust the length of your table leg to compensate so it will not alter the height of your table.
F) 2 - 1x4 cut @ 32" (table short apron)
G) 2 - 1x4 cut @ 38.5" (table long apron)
H) 1 - 2x4 cut @ 29.5" (table leg)

Bench Assembly

For each bench: Using pocket screws, attach together pieces A), B), and C) to create a frame.  

Attach seat boards (D) to top of frame, starting with the front and back board which should line up evenly with the outside edges of the frame.  Last, attach the center board, spacing evenly between the others.

Attaching the benches

Using regular screws, attach the bench legs and/or apron to the loft bed.

Building and Attaching the Table

Attach apron boards F) and G) to create a frame that is 32"x40" (the short sides will cap the long sides)

The table top will be attached flush with one short side of the apron, versus being centered on it - this will allow for us to attach it to the bed later.  There will be a 2" overhang on the other 3 sides.  Because the plywood was thin, we chose to use finishing nails (and glue) to attach the top to the apron.  The disadvantage of this is that the holes will then have to be puttied, sanded, and repainted to create a smooth table surface.

Add leg - H) inside of the frame on the short side with overhang.  Use regular screws to screw the leg directly into the apron.  (See pic below)

Attach table (on the short side with no overhang) to loft bed using regular screws.  The top of our table is flush with the top of the 2x6 on the loft bed.

Loft Bed with Benches and Table

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