Bookcase Play & Display - A Shopkins Bedroom Part VI

Friday, November 18, 2016

This is our sixth post in the Shopkins themed bedroom series.  To start at the beginning, click here.

The projects for Miss Alli's Shopkins bedroom are nearly at an end, and so far we are very happy with the results!  The icing on the cake is the item that really kicked this adventure off in the first place... the Play & Display bookcase.

Somewhere in the world of social media we saw this gem of an idea floating around for a way to display Shopkins figures.  Incidentally, if anyone knows the original source would you please share it?  I have been trying to chase it down since I saw it nearly a year ago!

Over the past couple of years we have tried a couple of displays and organizers for the shopkins figures, but none of them seemed adequate for displaying figures across all the seasons, and then there were the playsets and other merchandise that she was amassing that needed culling as well.

We set up a Billy Bookcase from Ikea and let Alli go crazy setting it up.

I'm still on the look out for some miniature bookcases to use for displaying the figures like we saw in the inspiration picture.  But the display is working out perfectly so far.  The bookcase format allows her to play easily with the different sets and she can easily re-organize or add to her collection.  And by some miracle, the little ones seem to see this display as some kind of shrine so they have yet to completely destroy it, which is saying something.  We'll see how long that lasts though!

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DIY Bench Cushions - A Shopkins Bedroom Part V

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

This is our fifth post in the Shopkins themed bedroom series.  To start at the beginning, click here.

As usual, I started the search for cushions for Alli's benches with commercial options.  And as usual, we found nothing that would work.  I knew I would have to sew the covers for the cushions, but since I wasn't able to find a pre-made cushion in the right size for our benches, I resigned myself to creating the entire cushion pad and cover from scratch.

Seat Pads

I sifted through foam options and decided to go with a 1.5" foam mattress pad.  We cut the foam to size and used a double thickness to provide a softer, thicker padding. In order to get a double thickness, you'll need to have a topper at least 42"x72".  We used a queen sized topper to allow a bit of extra.


1 - queen-sized 1.5" foam mattress pad
1 - queen-sized quilt batting
3 yards fabric
2 - 18" zipper to match
rotary cutter

One you have your foam cut to size and layered, wrap the foam tightly in batting.

Seat Pad Cover

Alli chose a solid pink fabric for the seat cushion, Shopkins pink of course.  You will need 3 yards of this fabric.

From your fabric, cut:
A) 4 - 43"x19"
B) 4 - 43"x3 1/2"
C) 2 - 19"x3 1/2"
D) 4 - 19"x2 1/4"

For each cover:
Start by sewing your zipper onto the D) strips.Once the zipper is sewn on both sides, you should have a strip 3 1/2" wide with the zipper down the middle.

Next sew your 3 1/2" strips together, in this pattern: B), C), B), D (with zipper).  Sew ends together to form a loop.

Then, attach your 3 1/2" loop to the A) piece, matching seems of loop to corners of A).

Sew the other side of loop to a second A) piece.

Repeat for other cover.  Flip cover and carefully insert your pad.

Back Cushions

For the back cushions I was able to find body pillows that were very close to the right length for our benches.  Alli had chosen a Shopkins print fabric for the back cushions, and we kept things really simple for these and just sewed a large pillow case.  I chose to keep the pillow case on the small side so that the body pillow would be stuffed inside and create a slightly firmer cushion.


2 - body pillows approximately 20"x54"
2 yards fabric - more if you are particular about the placement of the print
rotary cutter

From your fabric, cut:
2- 35.5"x44"(use the width of the fabric for the 44")

We used the width of the fabric for the length of the pillows for two reasons - one, it allowed us to buy less fabric and two, it meant I could use the factory finished edge of the fabric instead of having to sew a hem...

Any way, this is a really simple pillowcase.  Take one piece of the cut fabric and fold it in length lengthwise.  Pick the prettiest factory edge and pin the opposite short edge and the long side to sew.

Once sewn, all you have to do is flip it and stuff your pillow in.  It will require stuffing, however.  This is how the firmness is created to give the back cushion support.

Finished cushions

Putting the cushions on the benches.  We put the open end of the back cushions and the zipper end of the pads against the wall.  Enjoy!

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DIY Benches & Table for Loft Bed: A Shopkins Bedroom Part IV

Monday, November 14, 2016

This is our fourth post in the Shopkins themed bedroom series.  To start at the beginning, click here.

The benches and table to go with Alli's loft bed were a bit modification, a bit engineered, and a bit made up as we went.  You will remember that we used these plans for the loft bed, and there were plans included for the table underneath as well.  Since Alli really wanted benches to allow for a lounging option, which was the design of our original inspiration, we needed to make some size modifications to the table in order to allow enough space.  We also didn't want a free standing table because we were concerned that it would be too difficult to get in and out of the benches with table legs in the way.

When we were looking for DIY plans, we had also stumbled across another design that we gleaned some clues from.

We started with designing the benches so that we would know how wide to make the table surface.  We measured our dining room chairs for depth (17") and height ( 17.5"), so it was decided that we make it slightly deeper and slightly shorter to allow for both a seat pad and a back cushion and still get the same end result.

Using the measurements of 42"L, 18"D, and 17"H we made a cut list for the benches.

Cut List

For TWO benches and table:
A) 8 - 2x4 cut @ 15.5" (Bench Legs)
B) 4 - 2x4 cut @ 15" (bench side support)
C) 4 - 2x4 cut @ 35" (bench front and back support)
D) 6 - 2x6 cut @ 42" (bench seat)
E) 1 - 36"x42" sheet of 1/2" plywood (table top) - you could easily use a thicker piece of plywood here.  Just remember to adjust the length of your table leg to compensate so it will not alter the height of your table.
F) 2 - 1x4 cut @ 32" (table short apron)
G) 2 - 1x4 cut @ 38.5" (table long apron)
H) 1 - 2x4 cut @ 29.5" (table leg)

Bench Assembly

For each bench: Using pocket screws, attach together pieces A), B), and C) to create a frame.  

Attach seat boards (D) to top of frame, starting with the front and back board which should line up evenly with the outside edges of the frame.  Last, attach the center board, spacing evenly between the others.

Attaching the benches

Using regular screws, attach the bench legs and/or apron to the loft bed.

Building and Attaching the Table

Attach apron boards F) and G) to create a frame that is 32"x40" (the short sides will cap the long sides)

The table top will be attached flush with one short side of the apron, versus being centered on it - this will allow for us to attach it to the bed later.  There will be a 2" overhang on the other 3 sides.  Because the plywood was thin, we chose to use finishing nails (and glue) to attach the top to the apron.  The disadvantage of this is that the holes will then have to be puttied, sanded, and repainted to create a smooth table surface.

Add leg - H) inside of the frame on the short side with overhang.  Use regular screws to screw the leg directly into the apron.  (See pic below)

Attach table (on the short side with no overhang) to loft bed using regular screws.  The top of our table is flush with the top of the 2x6 on the loft bed.

Loft Bed with Benches and Table

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Same Dresser, Different Makeover: A Shopkins Bedroom Part III

Friday, November 11, 2016

This is our third post in the Shopkins themed bedroom series.  To start at the beginning, click here.

Remember this dresser?  The poor thing is about to get another facelift.


Over the summer we went through a bedroom swap in which all four (at the time) of our children moved to a new bedroom.  During the move, AJ abandoned his dresser in exchange for a closet organization system.

Since I made a deal with Alli to paint her dresser blue in exchange for leaving the wall in her new room as is, I suggested that we upgrade her to the larger dresser in the process.

DIY Purple Loft Bed: A Shopkins Bedroom Part II

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

This is our second post in the Shopkins Bedroom Series, you can see the previous post here.

One of the initial inspirations for Alli's Shopkins bedroom was a loft bed that we had been drooling over for nearly a year.  At the time, my girls were sharing a bedroom, and while it was large, they had too many ideas and not enough space.  This bed had the potential for them to integrate a hangout space into their room without displacing the toys that she wasn't quite ready to part with.  The only problem with this bed was the price tag... as in $800 was a big fat nope.

When it came time to actually start working on furniture and decor, we were separating the girls into their own bedrooms, which gave them more flexibility.  Even so, Alli still wanted the loft bed with a table and seating underneath.  We started researching and I was disappointed to find out that even cheap loft beds are near $200!  This is why we DIY, folks.

Planning a Themed Bedroom: A Shopkins Bedroom Part I

Monday, November 7, 2016

I am the mother of a Shopkins addict expert.  If you aren't familiar with Shopkins, they are small figures that essentially work like a trading card game.  You collect them, trade them, stare at them, arrange them, buy more packs of random figures in attempt to find the ones you are missing, memorize their names/season/color options, display them, and compare how many you have with other collectors.  They are actually really cute and have sweet punny names like Mandy Mousse, Cheeky Cherry, and Kooky Cookie.

Shopkins obsession inspires a themed bedroom

For real, my daughter is truly obsessed.  She knows every Shopkin from every season (there are currently 6 seasons and approximately 150 in each season, plus the exclusives - which are the ones that come with the playsets, dolls, and other merchandise).  She knows which ones she has, which ones her friends have, and which ones her favorite Youtubers have.  She has asked for Shopkins for every birthday and Christmas for over two years now, watches all the Youtube videos, knows when and where the swap events are, and does chores to get more money for buying more Shopkins.

In addition to over 700 Shopkins figures, she also has a collection of tshirts, books, pillows, lip gloss, purses, stickers, posters, and even wanted a Shopkins costume for Halloween this year.
Shopkins obsession inspires a themed bedroom

So, you can imagine my extreme surprise when she told me she wanted to decorate her bedroom with a Shopkins theme this past summer.


She had a few pieces of inspiration that she wanted to design the room around, including a Loft Bed, a bookcase playhouse/display case for her Shopkins, and last but not least, she wanted everything to be decorated in Shopkins colors (specifically pink, green, blue, and purple).

The plan

The room she was moving into (her older brother's room) already had a green accent wall (the right green no less).  She went back and forth over whether or not she wanted the wall to remain green or if she would rather repaint it blue, but I finally offered the solution to paint her dresser blue and leave the wall green.  She agreed, so lucky for me there was no painting of the walls involved in her bedroom project!

Shopkins obsession inspires a themed bedroom

It left me a bit apprehensive of what our results would be, though, having all of those vibrant colors combined.  If I'm being honest, I was nearly terrified of how eclectic the room might turn out.  I mentally prepared myself to keep the door shut and spend as little time in there as possible.

Our plan for the bedroom consists of five projects that we'll be sharing over the next couple of weeks, so please check back to see her room come together!

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