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Monday, October 31, 2016

Kitchen Sink Upgrade

Monday, October 24, 2016

Anybody out there unlucky enough to have a single basin kitchen sink?

If you do, I am very sorry.

I lived with my shallow, single basin for about a year and it was awful.  I'm not even sure how I managed.  We spent a lot of that time with dishes covering our counters.

Single Basin Kitchen Sink - Before

Single Basin Kitchen Sink - Before

Needless to say I was not sad to see it go.

Aside from being extremely busy, the biggest hold up on getting this sink switched out was the fact that our base cabinet was made for a single basin sink.  So not only was the hole in the counter too small for a double, but technically speaking, the cabinet was not even wide enough to hold a double basin sink.

Mudroom Shoe Storage Bench

Monday, October 10, 2016

A Place for Every Shoe... and every shoe in its place?

I hope so anyway.  We never really had a shoe problem at our old house.  Or a coat or bookbag problem.  At the old house, everyone had a hook for their coats and bags, shoes went in a small pile under said coats or else under the owner's bed.  
Since we moved, however, there have been shoes not only piled by the front door but practically taking over the entire entry area.  It is very unsightly and not what I want to welcome my guests with.  Weekends, when we typically have people over, its worse because bookbags are added to the pile as well.  And then things hit an all-time low when we had our first cold snap of the year and we started grabbing winter coats from the closet.  Heaven knows they don't go back in the closet when we are done with them... So this is what set our project in motion.

Lighting, Window Solution & Attention to Detail

Monday, October 3, 2016

We all remember what a mess the house was in when we first bought the house, but it was actually worse than I even showed you.  The previous owners hadn't lived here for about two years prior and they had basically been using it as a storage unit while they waited on it to sell (which was probably a big part of the reason why it sat on the market for as long as it did).  Then, they procrastinated starting to clean it out until the weekend after we closed on the sale.  Anyway, during the overlapping time while we were upstairs cleaning and painting bedrooms and the previous owners were downstairs clearing out their old stuff, we had several opportunities to talk with them about their original intentions for the house.  While the previous owner had a lot of ideas, the one that really stuck with me was his desire to put a second window in the stairwell.

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