The Never Ending Gallery Wall Project

Monday, September 5, 2016

I have had some major anxiety over hanging things on the walls here in the not-so-new-anymore house.  Which would explain why it took me six months to hang the first artwork.

However, this big empty wall was BEGGING me to do something with it.

I have picture frames coming out of my ears that we have amassed over the years, and most of them have been rotated in and out of our displays based on what size photos I want to display or which ones go with our decor and tastes at any given time.  Which basically means that we have a huge hodge-podge of frames of all sorts of colors and styles.  I also wanted to mix a few art pieces in, some of which I had and some I had just started working on.

I started by laying out a few different options on our garage floor and playing with the arrangement until I found something I liked.  I numbered the frames with post-its to make the next step easier.

Then I did the most time consuming part.... I cut paper squares and rectangles to match the size of each and every one of the frames I wanted to use, numbering them to match.  Honestly, this didn't take that long, but it was a bit tedious.  I believe it was worth it, although most people thought it was yet another indication that I was crazy, because it allowed me to tape my arrangement to the wall and make adjustments accordingly.  It also ended up making things a whole lot easier when I was putting nails into the wall (remember the anxiety I was talking about?!?  I worked around that like a boss and in the end I only had to readjust a couple of my original holes).

After I was sure what was going to go where, I decided which frames to paint.  I wanted most of the frames to be black, and most of them already were anyway, with a few turquoise to match my curtains and other decor.  I spray painted the ones that needed the makeover.

Then came the actual hanging.  I left the papers on the wall, measured the approximate location of the hangers on each frame and placed the nails.  Because of the "organized chaos" nature of a gallery wall, nail placement is much easier than if you are trying to hang multiple frames in a straight line - which I have done before and do not recommend if you are the slightest bit OCD.  The nice thing about the gallery wall is that if one picture is higher or lower it really only helps, as the gaps are not supposed to be exact or consistent.  As long as the overall arrangement looks balanced, there really aren't any rules.

Once the frames were up, the project pretty much stalled at 95%.  I have this real problem with my projects stalling in the "nearly finished" stage.  Anyway, it was partially a problem of interest - at this point, I had already sunk about a month into this gallery wall and I was getting tired of thinking about it.  Once it was finished, however, it was hard to imagine this wall any other way.  I love it, and I couldn't be happier with it.  I especially like that we have the ability to easily add pictures of more children (which is important for a foster family!) without having to completely change the configuration.

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