Chalkboard Wall

Monday, September 12, 2016

Once I started decorating the walls with the map art and the gallery wall, I was on a roll and decided to keep it going.  Next on my list was the wall between our alcove and the kitchen pantry.  This tall narrow wall of gray needed something to make it less.... boring.  I was also looking for a way to incorporate a message center for the family, since we were already using it for that purpose on a regular basis, anyway.

My first thought was a magnetic chalkboard wall, but when I started reading into magnetic paint and seeing things like "multiple coats" and "sand in between coats" and "need to use strong magnets or it won't work" my interest started waning.  In the end I decided to skip the magnetic paint and went straight for the chalkboard paint.  This means I will have to find another solution for out kitchen counter paper problem, but it meant that the wall got it's makeover fairly quickly and without a lot of fuss.

I used a laser level and painters tape to mark the vertical boundaries of the wall all the way to the ceiling.  Thankfully, the pantry and the alcove formed most of the boundary.

The chalkboard paint works exactly the same as regular paint, which is probably why I didn't think to take any pictures of the process, because it wasn't very exciting stuff.  Make sure your surface is clean and dry, use a brush to cut in the edges and then roll the rest.

The hardest part was definitely waiting for the paint to cure.  While the paint dries to the touch in about an hour like typical paint, it is recommended that you let it cure for an entire week before you put chalk on it.  I thought the kids were going to die while they waited, but somehow they managed to hang in.

It gets tons of use for everything from artwork, to messages, to to-do lists and grocery lists.

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