Pallet Art - Chevron Map of the USA

Monday, August 1, 2016

Six months after we moved in the very first picture got hung on the wall.  This empty alcove wall, to be specific.

I keep trying to tell myself it's because I have been so busy, but the reality is that I was just plain scared.  After all the hours and effort that went into painting the walls in this house, I was terrified of poking holes in them.  I didn't want to hang something and then change my mind about it and have to fix any nail holes.  So I made very certain that I was sure before I hung anything.  As you can see, the map has been sitting in that alcove for a while, as I tried to get up the courage.

It's kind of fitting that this would be the first thing we hung, though.  This pallet art, my version of this DIY Pallet Art, was a project that I worked on while we were house hunting.  In fact, I was in the middle of gluing the boards together when our Realtor called to tell me that our first offer had NOT been accepted on the house that we now live in.  Thankfully the house eventually worked out.  And thankfully this particular piece of art turned out beautifully as well.

I am imagining a buffet table of some kind sitting under this map.  I am currently trying to decide if I am going to build my own table or refinish a Craigslist find.  It will probably be a decision of opportunity.

We are also working on a gallery wall for the living room, but it is going painfully slow because.... well, if I was that afraid to poke enough nail holes for a single piece of art work then you can imagine my anxiety over an entire wall of pictures...

*update - the gallery wall finally went up and you can see it here!

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