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Monday, August 15, 2016

A couple years back, Hubby started this wonderful tradition of making furniture for my anniversary present.  I've never been one for jewelry or flowers, but a DIY project will make me weak in the knees every time.

The first year of our new tradition, my present was our game table, which was his first major wood working project ever.  I'm still trying to talk him into helping me write a post about the game table (he took a million pictures and notes), but until then you can see our inspiration here and here.

The next year, at my request, he worked on building a TV cabinet.  Specifically this one from  I searched high and low for a TV cabinet for several YEARS and never found one that would work both in style and size/function.  At the time, we had a lot of video game consoles, media players, and other equipment stored under our TV.  I went over Ana's plan very careful for a few months and was absolutely certain that all of our equipment would fit, that it would provide adequate storage, and I assured him that this was the one.

It was nearly done in time for our anniversary that year, but still needed to be painted and stained (our least favorite part of most projects, incidentally).  And then life got in the way with the move and a million other things, so it sat for a while in his dad's garage/workspace.  

Of course, when we moved, we decided to split our equipment between the living room and the basement, so naturally, we don't need the storage space anymore.  However, I still love the style of this piece of furniture and was excited to have it finished and moved in.  I was especially excited to have this mess of a temporary solution moved out!

So we hauled it over from his old workspace, gave up our newly cleaned garage yet again, and got busy finishing it.

I painted and stained, he added the hardware and ta-da!  It is finally finished.

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