Basement Floor Epoxy - Part 2

Monday, July 25, 2016

Last week we scrubbed and prepped the floor for epoxy.  It was a terrible, no-fun job.  After scrubbing the entire surface, we set the dehumidifier up and plugged in some fans and waited.  And Waited.

5 days later it still looked wet.  I started to panic.  We did more research.  Apparently some concrete is more porous and it would appear that we had the porous kind.  Basically that means that our concrete breathes more than "normal".  The concrete was dry to the touch and did not show any signs of moisture issues when we repeated the moisture test.  It seemed that it was ok to go ahead and apply the epoxy.  So we did.

Mix the epoxy according to the directions on the package.  Keep in mind any time limits for the products use (i.e. work quickly).  Cut in around the edges with a foam brush.

Use a roller with a handle to apply the epoxy.  Roll in 4x4 sections, overlapping the edges slightly.  After rolling each section you will sprinkle the paint chips if you choose to use them.

Then we wait again.  

We were hoping the streaks would go away when it dried.  But they did not.  The next day the streaks were still very much visible, the finish was unevenly glossy and it looked very thin.  Hubby called the manufacturer to inquire about a second coat because nowhere in the instructions did it say anything about adding a second coat.  They told us it sounded like we did need a second coat, and that it could be applied within 12-48 hours.  Thankfully, the second coat went very quickly, and it dried even this time.  There really isn't any noticeable streaks and the gloss seems to be consistent.

I think it looks pretty good with our painted ceiling too :)

My suggestion is that you allow plenty of of time for this project, and then expect it to take longer.  Also, if you notice that the floor is taking a long time to dry after you clean it, then consider the possibility that you may have extra porous concrete so you may need to put on a second coat of epoxy.  If you have the patience to get through the cleaning & drying process then this can be a really economical way to get a decent basement floor.  

Scrubber rental for two days $45 x2 = $90
Fan rental for two days $18 x2 = $36
TSP cleaner $20
Squeegee $14

I also just realized as I was looking back over this post that ya'll are probably thinking I'm lying about this "we" stuff.  I am gonna have to get Hubby to take some of the pictures next time so that you can see me getting my hands dirty too!

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