Round-up of Small Projects for the Girls Room

Monday, June 27, 2016

Once Upon A Time there was a 4H Project called Makeover My Space that my oldest two children decided sounded like fun.  The Oldest worked and worked and worked, ended up with some nice furniture, but ultimately decided he doesn't much like DIY.  The next one decided she would approach this differently.  Instead of new furniture, she wanted decor.

We scoured Pinterest together and she found some darling quick projects to pair with a few Ikea purchases that she made from her (miles long) wishlist.

Covered Coarkboards

Kristen knew she wanted a place to display her photos of friends and special papers, and I thought it was a good opportunity to make something functional also be a pretty design element.  She chose a fabric and we bought 5 yards so it could be used for all of the projects for consistency.  We ended up having extra so she can add to her decorations if she comes up with another idea later (otherwise I'm pretty sure I can find a place to use it!).  
We cut the fabric slightly bigger than the coarkboard on all sides, sprayed adhesive on the board, very carefully positioned the fabric piece straight on the board, smoothed, and wrapped the edges (using a little more adhesive to get it to wrap clean around the edges).

Matching Canvas

This was a cute little addition that Kristen wanted that I ended up really loving.  It was a nice touch since we hung it in a different spot, and it really helped to tie her decor together throughout the room (which was one element of her 4H project anyway, so I think she nailed it with this one little square canvas!) 

We bought a plain sqare canvas and covered it the same way as the corkboards.  She made the felt flower based on this tutorial from Craftiness is not Optional and then we added a smaller version of it to her corkboard (above) to make them match... and because they were fun to make ;)

Storage Crate Seats

Kristen actually wanted a small couch from Ikea, but I vetoed it because of space issues in their room (as in, there was none). These were a fun compromise between seating and storage, since she wanted the first and needed the latter.  I have always wanted to find a place for some of these little crates and I'm so glad she decided on them.

They were quite simple and went together exactly the same as the squares for AJ's headboard.  Cut a square(ish) piece of backerboard to fit the top of the crate, cut foam piece slightly smaller, and a piece of fabric and quilt batting slightly larger.  Sandwich together, staple, Done!  And FYI, these file crates seem to only be available during the back to school shopping season, during which you can find them in a variety of colors that seem to change every couple of years - so I recommend you stock up during that season and always have a few extras laying around because they are truly wonderful for storing random stuff throughout the house!  I use them in all kinds of places!  

Other (all from Ikea):
Curtains - (no longer available)
Chandelier - KRISTALLER chandelier $39.99 (DH still needs to shorten the hanging mechanism because otherwise the girls would be banging into the lights every time they move thru the room....)
Duvet Cover - (no longer available)
Bedside bookshelf - BEKVAM spice rack $3.99

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