"Puffy Squares" Upholstered Headboard

Monday, June 20, 2016

Let me start by saying.... not my favorite project ever.  AJ designed this bed with some help from Pinterest as part of his 4H Makeover My Space project.  I was very proud of him for being able to see past the specifics of the inspiration photo (like color, for instance), which is not normally one of his skills (I'm not sure who he inherited the lack of design vision from, really.  It's a mystery).  The project sounded like a good idea to me at the time.  And really, he did a ton of the work himself, so I won't complain too much.

He basically wanted this except in solid black.

The idea is pretty simple - we cut a piece of backer board down to the size he wanted for his headboard, then determined how big the square "tiles" were going to be and how many we would need.  The base for the tiles was also cut from backer board.  We then cut the same number of squares, slightly smaller from 1.5" foam and the same number of squares but slightly larger from a plain black flat sheet and quilt batting.

The squares were then sandwiched together, layered by backer board, then foam, then batting and finally fabric.  Then we pulled and stapled the daylights out of them.

I had some experience with this procedure after re-upholstering my dining room chairs last year (I hated that project, too, so that probably should have tipped me off to this project not being so much fun for me.  Sigh.  Oh well.), but it's definitely a two person job and AJ was very uncomfortable with the staple gun so getting him to hold the fabric tight enough in the right places was a big challenge.  Basically, if it had been my project, I would have insisted on Hubby's help and they would have been a lot tighter.  But, it was AJ's project and once the frustration was over, he and I were both very happy with the results.

The last step was gluing all those square "tiles" in place on the large piece of backer board.  Surprisingly, I think this was the worst part.  It probably wouldn't have been so bad if the wind hadn't been so gusty that day, but alas it was.  More than once I thought the entire project was ruined because one of the squares would flip or a gust of wind would blow glue right onto the fabric of another tile.

Regardless, the whole thing turned out fairly well and it is now in his room with the rest of his homemade bed.  How many kids can say they actually constructed their own beds?  Pretty cool, I think.


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