Dreaming of a Basement

Monday, July 4, 2016

One of the main things we were looking for when we bought our house was the basement.  Several of the houses that we looked at during our house search would have been perfect if they had come with a basement.  Andrew and I really wanted this blank canvas to design to our hearts content and to utilize for the extra spaces we has always dreamed of having - an office for each of us, a casual living room area for movies, video games and future teenagers to hang out in, and a game room for our board game obsession and entertaining. Other things that we wanted was storage space both for games (our collection is pretty extensive), for children's art supplies, and for long term storage tubs.  We also would like to have a bar and an art/creative space for the kids.

Overall we have approximately 800 sq ft to work with, so we are really going to have to make every inch count and some of the spaces are going to have to pull double duty.

This is what we have to work with:

The future Game Room

 My future office/craft room

Hubby's future office

Oh and those spots on the insulation.... yeah, those were not there when we bought the house.  Those are the handy work of our big dog, Jewel - apparently she was tired of being left alone because we came home to this during our last week (week #6 of total moving/transition timeline) of cleaning up the old place.  The couch was sitting under that window for a couple of weeks.  We think she was trying to see out the window and accidentally discovered that the insulation comes apart.  She then proceeded to try it in three other places around the basement :-/

So, we are still trying to decide on our furniture layout and closets, but we are pretty set on our walls.  These are the finalists.

Phase 1 in the basement is going to be ceiling, floor and walls - basically we are just going to make the rooms "habitable" for now.  That means we still have time to decide on specifics, but these drawings are making me optimistic that we can get everything we want out of the space.  I'm also glad that all of this construction is going to be taking place in an area that we are not currently using - for once we do not have to live with remodeling dust and displaced living spaces.  *Sigh of relief*

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