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Monday, May 23, 2016

The horrible vertical blinds on our back door were one of the very first things to leave the house after we closed.  I really don't like vertical blinds anyway, but these had some weird “snake skin-like” texture to them that was especially hideous.  Good Riddance.  But that left our large glass back door wide open to the neighbors viewing pleasure, and that’s not so cool either.  So we picked up a pack of plain gray curtains during a trip to Ikea.  Better boring gray panels than snake skin or lack of privacy.

I knew these plain gray curtains were going to be temporary so there didn't seem to be any reason to hem them even though they were way too long.  The dogs seemed to like them in their extra long state, in fact they have been using them as cuddle blankets and intentionally wrapping themselves up in them….

But I had happened across some awesome fabric shower curtains by surprise at the dollar store a few weeks ago, and it took me all of .25 seconds to make the jump from shower curtain to window curtains.  With the help of a friend, we tracked down enough to do all the windows on the first floor.  I figured since the supplies were already sitting here, it was time to get these Babes done.

I used one full shower curtain panel for each half of the back door, so two panels all together.  Since the new curtains are not long enough, I decided to utilize the gray temporary curtain for a ruffle.  I measured from the bottom of the shower curtain to the floor and added 3 inches for the seam and hem.


Now would be a great time for me to give you a mind-blowing trick for sewing gathers, but honestly, I've got nothing...  My feelings towards gathers are much like Laura Ingalls felt about sewing buttonholes... I dislike them so much that I do them as quickly as possible to get them over and done with.  In fact, I didn't take a single picture of the process.  Sorry folks.

This is the resulting seam:

After I cleaned it up a bit with a top stitch:

And from the front:

I chose to hang the curtains with shower curtain hooks, since they already have the holes for such.  I picked these up from Target for $8/12pack.

And the results are in!

I think the puppies approve.  Even if the curtains no longer double as blankets ;)

For the rest of the curtain project check out No-sew Curtains

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