Quick Dresser Refinish

Monday, May 16, 2016

We have had this dresser for years.

Hubby got it as a thank you gift for helping an elderly friend move - they were downsizing and they gave us this dresser and a really super comfy (albeit ugly) couch, that we also still have.  This dresser is my favorite dresser ever.  It is an old solid wood kind, the drawers slide super smoothly and its got huge deep drawers that hold tons of stuff.  We had it in our master bedroom for a long time, but when we moved we handed it down to AJ.

I do have a dirty secret to reveal though... when this dresser first entered into our lives it was wood colored.  I don't know what wood color it was, and I don't have a before picture, but it was darker than oak.  I didn't like it.  I don't know what kind of finish was on it, a veneer maybe, but I painted over it with normal white paint the day we got it home.  I will let that sink in for a moment.

Now that I have some experience building and refinishing furniture I realize how incredibly lucky I got.  I did not sand the dresser, I did not prime it, I also did not seal it when I was finished.  I simply painted over it and moved it into my bedroom.  Since then I have tried to paint furniture with white paint and even after sanding, priming and painting three or four coats I have not achieved such wonderful results.  I do not know how I got so lucky with this dresser, but I did and I am thankful.

You can see that it has some marks and scuffs, but considering we have had this thing, improperly painted and all, for about 8 years.... Well, yeah.  Lucky.

Since I subscribe to the philosophy :

I decided to just go ahead and paint over it again.  We used just regular old black flat finish paint.  Then I got the great idea to paint the inside edges of the drawers green to match AJ's bedroom wall, so we did that too.


A few hours later the dresser looked completely different and even more fabulous.  Since AJ honestly did most of the work (he stayed outside and kept painting while I made lunch), he really does get to take credit for this one.  I am super proud of him and I hope he loves this dresser as much as I always have.  I decided again not to add poly to it.  Since he is still a tween I figure at some point he will be interested in changing the color again so why make it harder for him to do so?

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