Easy Boxspring Cover Up

Monday, May 9, 2016

Thanks to our wonderful rainy moving day, our boxspring got a little dirty during the trek across the front yard.

No big deal, really, its just a bit of dirt and our bedspread covers it anyway.

But we all know by now that I'm pretty picky about details.... I know the dirt is there.... I was really thinking about tackling one of these upholstered boxsprings that I keep seeing on pinterest, because I like them anyway.  This one is my favorite with the burlap and studs...

But it just seemed a bit too overwhelming at the moment in the midst of all the other craziness right now.  All the tutorials swear that it's an easy undertaking, so maybe one day I will tackle it.  For now, though I wanted a quick fix and it just so happens that I had an extra white sheet set in my closet from some good-intending-project-that-never-came-to-be.  So Andrew helped me lift all ten thousand pounds of mattress up and off the boxspring, we stretched the fitted sheet on the boxspring and then hoisted the mattress back up.  Shame on me for not getting any photos of the process, but I was busy sweating and straining my back.  Yeah, I know it only took 5 minutes, but it was a really hard 5 minutes!  Also, when hubby says, "hey let's take care of...." you just don't argue and make him wait while you run all the way down two flights of stairs to grab the camera or else the moment might be lost....  

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