Building a Twin Bed Frame

Monday, June 13, 2016

A friend invited us to participate in 4H with them a couple years ago and for their very first projects, AJ and Kristen both chose to do the Makeover My Space project.  It was a much bigger undertaking than I was expecting and we ended up putting a lot of work into it.  So much that it pretty much turned AJ off of ever doing 4H again.  But since the weather and our schedules don't ever seem to match up our timeline kept getting stretched further and further, which didn't help him enjoy the project, either.

Anyway, we finally got the bed built.  Over the years he has had a few different beds.  The race car bed was his favorite.  I got rid of it too soon, I thought he was growing out of it and a family member had a loft bed that she was looking to give away so I went ahead and switched his beds and he ended up being really mad at me for it.  He never liked the loft bed or used the play space underneath like I had anticipated he would.  He begged me to get him a different bed, so I put his mattress on a metal frame for a while til we could decide what kind of bed he actually did want.  That was about 3 years ago.  When we moved, he was still sleeping on this metal frame.  He swears he likes it just the way it is.

When he decided to take on the bedroom makeover project, I insisted that he was going to pick a new bed. Andrew and I like this Malm storage bed from Ikea....

But AJ wasn't sold on it so I made him look at a bunch of Pinterest photos with me (OMG the Torture!!) and I was super proud of what he came up with.  It took him about 15minutes to design a really awesome custom bed.  

We are using the basic idea of Ana White's farmhouse bed but altered the dimensions to fit his twin mattress.  We used 1x8's for the side rails and 2x4s for the boxspring base.  In retrospect I probably would have used 1x6s so that there wasn't such a tall outer box, it would have saved a couple bucks too.

Buying supplies was the fun part, can't you tell?!?

Then we sat down and figured out exactly what cuts we needed and got to it.  Yes, we did this out of order and I ended up with 3 extra 2x4s because I didn't plan well ahead of time.  Go me.  

Painting, I thought, would be his least favorite part.  Kristen is the one that enjoys painting with me, AJ not so much.  There weren't really that many pieces, so thankfully it went pretty fast and he didn't complain (that much).

Assembly was slow and tedious with just AJ and me working on it.  Thankfully I had experience from building my own bed with Andrew last fall, so I wasn't completely helpless.  I am ok using the drill to attach screws, but the actual drilling part still makes me nervous.  For AJ it seemed the biggest problem was either lack of muscle or not knowing how to properly apply the muscle.  Either way he got frustrated with the predrilling step about halfway around the frame and had to muster a bit of determination to push through.  Then he was really proud of himself and had a bit more respect for the work that Andrew and I have been doing around the house the past few months.  Life lessons are hard learned, I supposed.



Then we added the legs (which were just 2x4 scraps cut to the height we wanted) and AJ had to weight test it :)

We also put a second coat of paint on the outside, legs, and top edges where the frame would actually be visible.  The weather wasn't playing nice with our painting schedule (ah, Ohio), but we finally had a nice day to do it.

Then it was out with the old and in with the new!



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