Puppies + Invisible Fence

Monday, April 25, 2016

At the moment we are in the middle of a few projects and there just isn't much to share in the way of before and afters, so I couldn't resist taking a moment to show off my furry cuties.  (Most of these pics are from before we moved in.)

The puppies really enjoy the sunny spots that they find around the house.  The spots are, in order of preference, the “deck”, the floor just inside the back door, and any other sunny spot by any of the many sunny windows in the house.

I was originally concerned that the stairs might be difficult for Diamond, since her legs are so short and her body is so long, but she immediately bounced up and down them like nobody’s business.  Jewel, on the other hand, was incredibly stumped by these new-fangled things the first day we brought her over.  She is normally a very intelligent dog so to see her so confused by these stairs was extremely funny.  She looked so awkward going down them and upon reaching the basement landing she pretty much refused to go any further.  Then it took me a good 5 minutes to coax her back up to the main floor.  Amusing to say the least.  Luckily I caught it on video because naturally, when Hubby tried she went up and down like it was old news.

Diamond watched the installation of the Invisible Fence with what I imagine was a sense of dread....

I have to admit I am still completely shocked at how well the Invisible Fence worked.  Both of our dogs are rescues, but while Diamond would prefer to stand on my toes at all times, Jewel was always a runner.  Every chance she got at freedom (aka to sneak out the front door) she would take it with a flying leap, look back to make sure we were chasing, and then off she would go.  For the first couple years that we had her, she wouldn’t come back to us at all.  It was a very embarrassing time trying to explain to our neighbors.  Nowadays she does come to us, but who really wants to chase a loose dog around the neighborhood?  Anybody?  Well, not me.  It was very stressful at the old house trying to constantly put the dog away or guard the door anytime someone went in and out.  We were really afraid that when we moved she would get lost for good if she managed to escape.

Plus we really weren’t sure whether or not we wanted a privacy fence, if we could get away without one I’d really like to have a little picket fence with some hydrangeas growing up and around it.  Ah, I dream…. And the neighbors beside us already have a privacy fence up on their side, so we really didn’t want Jewel jumping all over since it doesn’t belong to us.  She’s a very strong jumper….

Andrew really argued for the Invisible Fence.  I was afraid that Jewel would be too stubborn for it, I imagined her just running right through it.  After the first training, though, it was clear that she did NOT like the feeling of that collar and she responded so strongly that I couldn't believe it.  The true test came at the end of the three training sessions, tho, when we let go of the leash.  The trainer brought her own dog and let them play together for a few minutes, then she called her dog out of the yard, and Jewel didn’t follow!  It was pretty incredible.  Doesn't she look proud of herself?  I think she deserves to be.

We left the long training leash on her for the first week or so, just in case she decided to run we figured it would help us catch up with her.  She never really tried, though.  After just a few beeps here and there, it’s pretty amazing that this simple little fix keeps them in the yard and seems to have completely broken Jewel’s tendency to run.  The added bonus here is that the Invisible Fence works in the front yard as well as the back, unlike our privacy fence at the old house.  No more door guarding!   

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