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Monday, April 11, 2016

The entryway tile was not on our original list of todos.  On the contrary, all of the linoleum except that in the kids' bathroom was supposed to stay for a while (like the kitchen *cough*).  Anyways, the linoleum here was in decent shape and was supposed to wait until after all the immediate jobs were finished.  But then Kristen didn’t get to help lay down the laminate floors like Daddy promised, so he let her help tear up the entryway linoleum instead….

It’s going to look a whole lot better, and since this is the first thing that guests will see when we open the door, I’m excited to have it done. 

2 cases of tile $90
1 qt of grout $10
+ extra supplies (spacers & tools) from our bathroom tile job - add $40 for these if you don't already have them!
Total cost of entry flooring = $100


We used the same vinyl tile and grout here as we did previously in the kid’s bathroom and on the same 45degree angle.  Hubby got all the tiles laid very quickly, but with one significant issue - the original angle of this floor was not on a 45degree angle.  He had cut the laminate floor boards to fit the original angle at the linoleum and neither of us had forseen the fact that the angles were not going to match. 

Luckily I have a couple of friends who are as OCD as I am, who quickly sided with me that it had to be fixed.  The point that actually made Hubby do it, though I think, is that even our non-OCD friends were on my side :P  It was something that literally would have drove me crazy for Years (just like those ceramic tiles at the old house where they joined up two different colors and didn’t match the grout lines! AH!).  However, I did feel bad for him, because cutting those floor boards After installation had to be nerve racking.  A single mistake and half the laminate would have to be pulled up so he could replace these boards.  Thankfully, he is pretty good at his carpentry skills these days, and the cut went smoothly enough so that you can’t even tell it was fixed after the fact.  And it looks sooo much better than the mismatched angles! 

Now this entryway is actually going to make a statement…. A good one ;)


I think I'm going to have to keep my eye out for a chandelier.....

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