Monday, April 4, 2016

The house was dirty when we bought it.  Really, really dirty.  I'm not really sure how bad the carpet was, but due to the amount of ick and yuck on the walls, I was not taking any chances.  Plus it had tons of stains that may or may not have come out.  And after reading some other blogs about Ryan homes, I am not confident that the carpet was all that nice to begin with.

Luckily, we have a good friend who used to do carpet work so he was willing to help us tear it out and do the heavy lifting.  We also brought some pretty cute help of our own...

It turned out that under all that disgusting carpet was a boat-load of staples.  Hubby got a good work out pulling them all.  No idea if we actually needed to do that or not, but we definitely did not want them poking from under our brand new carpet.

Originally we had intended to cut the carpet into "small" pieces and sit them out for the trash, because when we set up our trash service they told us they would take carpet.  But when we called back to find out exactly what size it needed to be cut to, we were informed that they would only take the amount of carpet from a single small room.  Don't you just love it when everyone you talk to gives you a completely different answer?!?  And we had quite a pile...

So we ended up having to bribe a friend who owns a trailer to haul it to the county dump for us because that stuff sure was not going into my minivan.... ok we didn't HAVE to bribe him, but we did feed him dinner ;)

Before we closed on the house we researched the new carpet installation process and were told that it would take about two weeks from the time we got started to the installation of the carpet.  This number is what we based all of our renovation and moving plans around, I guess that was my mistake.  Every step of the process took considerably longer than it was supposed to.  After they measured, we were supposed to hear back from the store within 24 hours, but it took two days Plus a weekend for them to call us.  Then we ordered the carpet and were told it would take 7-10 days for the carpet to come in.  Ten days later I went to ask about the status and was told it was expected to arrive within the next 6 days.... It was a mess.

It pushed back our moving day by an entire week.  I was not a happy customer.  Everytime I talked to the poor guy in flooring he gave me bad news and I got less and less pleasant to work with as this process wore on.

BUT, all inconveniences aside, I am happy to say that it finally did get installed, it looks great, and I could not be happier with the finished product!  It's so Fluffy!

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