Paint, Painting, and Painting Problems

Monday, March 14, 2016

The new house, lovingly nicknamed "Abby", took our entire first week of effort just to paint the bedrooms.  Oy! there are a lot of walls upstairs!  Hubby & Kristen counted 34 walls after I started complaining about how long it was taking.  And an army of switch plates and outlet covers to go with them...

I initially wanted to do all of the painting myself, but that quickly proved to be too much and I let Hubby talk me into inviting help.  He even got in on the action and put a first coat on a wall in our master bedroom!  I wish I had snapped a picture of it because it's never going to happen again, ha!

We also were blessed with our firefighter friend who was brave enough to get up on our big ladder and paint the stairwell for me (yay for not having to hire a painter or face my fears!).  Worrying about this was seriously making me lose sleep, that's how chicken I am...

After an entire week of painting, I went over to finish up the bedrooms and came into an upstairs hallway with a whole lot of natural light shining on the walls.  This would be a wonderful thing except that it shined light on a very big problem.  Streaks.  And roller marks.  And a whole bunch of imperfections that were just screaming at me in all that natural light.

This might not seem like a big deal, in fact when I pointed it out to family and friends most of them shrugged and swore that they never would have noticed it.  However, to me this was devastating because a) I'm a detail person and these marks are going to stand out to me everytime I walk through the hallway and b) Painting was something that I had looked the most forward to, I had put a week of hard sweaty exhausting effort into it and was not getting the results I wanted.

I did not like the color, I really did not like the finish results... I was just not happy.

Unfortunately, at that point our time schedule was too tight to justify repainting.  I just couldn't put us a week behind because I picked the wrong color.  While I'm not thrilled, I have resigned to the fact that the upstairs will just have to wait til we get back around to it.  Oh well.

However, this led me to make a few executive decisions for the downstairs.  I insisted that we pick a new, more medium shade, and switch brands.  I had really wanted to use Benjamin Moore from the beginning, but Hubby thought the cost was a bit much so we conceded to using a highly rated more economical brand and it just did not produce the results that I wanted.  I decided that we were going to fork over the bucks and go with the higher quality paint after all.  I already have to repaint the upstairs, I definitely do not want the same problem downstairs or else I won't get anything done but painting for the first few years!  

So, after much back and forth (I had no idea how complicated gray was! Oh my goodness!) I finally made a decision and went with Benjamin Moore - Smoke Embers 1466, which is about two shades darker than the color I had originally chosen so it's more obviously gray and a bit warmer.  You can see the difference here on the kitchen wall.

Overall, it went really well.  The paint was so easy going on the walls, it was definitely worth the money as far as workability.

So here's the big moment!!!

Kitchen Painting Done!

I LOVE IT!  I am so thrilled with the results so Hubby will just have to deal with the price.  Sometimes, it's worth spending extra for quality.  This was a nice save after the disaster upstairs, I'm feeling much better AND we were back on track with our painting timeline because even with the higher ceilings there is way less wall square footage downstairs.  Thank goodness.

We have also finished the accent walls in the kids rooms and everybody is happy with how those turned out!

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