Laminate Flooring

Monday, March 21, 2016

The laminate is probably the detail that I was looking most forward to during the moving process.  I had my heart set on this specific floor since we first began to look for a house.  Thanks to Pinterest I was In Love with light gray walls and dark brown floors.  We looked everywhere for wood options.  Considering how trendy this color is right now, I was really shocked to find that most stores only carried one or two options - and most were either handscraped, the wrong shade of brown, too low of quality, or too high of price.  We ended up choosing an Armstrong floor.  It's actually the same exact type of flooring that we put in our old house, except the darker color.  We were really thrilled with the quality of our previous floor, it has held up to our children, our pets, and all of our traffic for over six years with barely a scratch.  At least I know this is good stuff.

Thank goodness our van converts to a pick-up bed when we fold the seats down 'cuz it was a LOT of wood...

Andrew had the front room down in one night.  It was pretty quick since it's just a small squarish space.

It was the hallway that caused him to slow down a little.  Tying the two living rooms together so that the lines matched up and everything fit tightly was a chore.  Thankfully Hubby is good at math :)  He also had a posse of guys here helping him for a couple of nights.  I'm not sure how much they helped and how much they just sat around and drank beer... I mean seriously, what's with all the chairs?

I'm just kidding, though.  Our friends have been so much help that we are truly overwhelmed.  Cleaning, painting, pulling out and hauling old carpet, installing the new floor, offering opinions and emotional support, running errands, bringing us food, entertaining the munchkins, helping us pack and just tons of love has been heaped on us.  It makes my head spin what a wonderful group of people we have in our lives.  We love all of you!  And we are so thankful for all that you have done!

Originally we had planned to tile the kitchen and other wet areas to match the >kids bathroom<, but Andrew decided that it would be best to continue the laminate throughout this open room because we have so many ideas of what we might do with the kitchen/dining room in the future and he didn't want to limit us because of a split in the type of flooring.  I'm worried that the dark wood will be too overbearing if we continue it into the kitchen.  I'm torn, but we agreed to go ahead and do it for now and if it doesn't work then we can change it later in the next round of reno.  Maybe.  We'll see.

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