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Monday, March 28, 2016

One of the things on our immediate list was fixing the kids bathroom floor.  Overall, the linoleum in the house was in decent condition so while I didn't like it or intend for it to stay for the long-term, it was not an immediate priority.  This bath was the exception.  The linoleum in this room was cracking and peeling from a previous toilet leak.

The leak also dripped into the living room below it, so we will have some cosmetic repair work to do down there eventually as well.

Anyways.... I really wanted the wet rooms in the house to be done with ceramic tile.  Andrew used to lay ceramic in Homearama houses for a living back in the early days of our marriage so this was something he could "easily" do.  However, while browsing tiles we stumbled across these groutable vinyl tile squares at Lowes.  They were pretty affordable and he got really excited about them because they are peel & stick, can go right on top of existing linoleum, and in general would be way easier to install than ceramic.  Generally speaking, vinyl is a No-Go for me, but disguising it with real grout made it an actual possibility.  Unfortunately, there were only a few color choices available (none of which I was crazy about) and the tiles were 18" square - which would be fine for the kitchen but way too much for the small bathrooms and entryways.
A little bit of pinteresting and researching and I was able to find that Home Depot also has a line of groutable vinyl tiles that have a wide variety of colors and even come in a couple of sizes, including 12x12.  Then there was this beautiful post from Pinterest that shows a similar bathroom remodel that used Home Depot's Trafficmaster Ceramica in the Concrete color and I was convinced.

But when I went to the store to preview it, I fell in love with Coastal Grey instead.  The Concrete color had a lot of brown tone to it, and I really liked the warmness of the darker gray, thinking it would pair nicely with my light gray bathroom walls and the white subway tile that I would like to one day add to the walls.

The tiles do need to be ordered, but shipping to the house was free and its just as quick as having it shipped to the store and without the hassle of picking it up.  We did buy the premixed grout direct from the store, in the Delorean Gray color that was displayed with the tile.

Our bathroom floor area is 5' x 5.25' for a total of 26.25sqft.  However, when figuring how much flooring to buy, we add 10% to the total to account for scraps and mistakes and such.  That would put us right around the 30sqft that is included in a case of tile.  We bought two cases because we'd rather be safe than sorry and figured we could return it to the store (or save it for the next area we decide to tile) if we didn't need so much afterall.

2 cases of tile $90
1 qt of grout $10
Extra supplies (spacers, tools, etc) $40
Total cost of Bathroom flooring = $140

Because the linoleum in this bath was in such terrible shape, we did pull it out and clear the floor to make sure that the new tiles would be nice and flat and adhere properly.  The tiles do just peel and can stick to the existing floor or subfloor and can be cut with a regular utility knife, which is where the "quick and easy" comes into play.  Since I thought it sounded too easy, I requested that it be put on a 45degree angle to make it a little more challenging...  At least that's what Andrew would probably tell you.  Really, I just like the diamond pattern way better ;)





It's beautiful!  I love it!  I can't get over how quickly the floor was installed and how much it doesn't look like vinyl.  You can feel the difference between this vinyl and ceramic since the tiles are soft and warm to the touch, but you can't argue with real grout ;)

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