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Monday, March 7, 2016

We bought our Dream Home in March of 2014.  The only problem was, it was far from move-in condition, let alone Dream Home status.  The house is a Ryan Homes Venice built in late 2007, so if you are so inclined, you can actually track down the floor plan for our home, which is kinda cool!

She might not be much to look at here, but I could already see her beauty hiding just below the surface.  My imagination was giddy with excitement over all the possibilities.  Can you see them too?  Well if not then at least withhold your judgement for a little longer!


Front Room:

Living Room :

Dining Room:



Master Bedroom:

Master Bath:

Kids Bath:

AJ's Room:

Girls' Room:


To make the house move-in ready we had to paint (everywhere!), install new carpet upstairs, install laminate on the first floor, and replace the bathroom linoleum with tile.  We also had a LOT of cleaning to do because it was Dirty.  With a capital D.

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