In the Beginning

Monday, February 22, 2016

This is where I make my confession... just so that we are clear from the start so that no one gets fooled along the way: I'm not trained in design, finance, family affairs, nutrition, ecology or anything else that may or may not be contained in the future posts of this blog.  I do however, have a 2 year degree in education and a brief career as a preschool teacher.  I also have a lot of creativity and passion, and a type-A personality.  A husband who is very patient, somehow shares my vision, and thankfully has much more natural DIY ability than I do.  A house full of munchkins that make me feel like either an incompetent baboon or a super hero every single day, but help me to fill that beautiful motherhood description and encourage and inspire me to be better everyday.

Oh, I also don't have a hubby who makes an obscene amount of money or a trust fund or any other magical source of money, so all of the projects that we do around here are a product of hard work and sweat equity, careful planning, and good old fashioned financial decision making.

With that in mind, I am very excited to share our home and family journey with everyone and hope that you stick around for a while to watch the transformation from foreclosure to dream home!

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